Women are doing it for themselves

In the last two decades women have been doing it for themselves. Their priorities have changed. They no longer rely on a man for financial security. Instead women want self-acclaimed financial safety and will go to many lengths to achieve this.

There is no longer a stigma attached to women moving into roles that were previously powered by men.

We have seen a dramatic shift in in the workplace mainly because women are no longer afraid to have a voice and we’ve pushed aside that old school way of thinking.

In this day and age women are leaving their jobs to pursue their own business ventures rather than leave to start a family. However, it’s still disappointing to see that men are still regarded as the high-income earners and breadwinners.

It’s about time we fight for equality within the workplace. I mean if we’re putting in the same amount of hours if not more why should we be paid less???

Ladies, I’m sure if we all stick together and persist to obtain what we deserve we’ll soon receive the bonuses that are rightfully ours!!!

When a nation empowers women to financial equality it not only changes the landscape it also moves the country forward.

Don’t give up and remember to always keep persevering.


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