Beautiful women! I really don’t know at what point I believed my life could be so rewarding or when I actually took a leap of faith to just be me – though my name is Renee Kayser and I’m here to let you know life really is amazing! It’s as simple as listening to your inner voice really opening your heart channel and making decisions sometimes of the direct opposite to what you’d usually do, and seeing how far you really can go. I don’t see myself particularly as a high achiever although my passion for music has fuelled me through years of corporate development in Executive administration crossing over office management, to starting the Sydney branch of a prominent global Private Equity Hedgefund Investment firm. I’ve had my fair share of heritage and government roles primarily assisting CEOs and chair(men) which has shaped my further ability to innately build a flourishing singing business in Sydney and Melb jazz lounges. I then slowed this into balance to explore a silver lining as an online TV Presenter with Big Review TV – my ever inspiring life partner’s dream. We create thousands of edgy clips for business around the world and host them on the global platform through memberships our clients receive licenses to use the clips for their own marketing and our app for customers to video and upload their own ‘selfie’ content experiences. I present in online conversations with innovative inspired and longstanding businesses of all industries and just LOVE spotlighting great stories and building their marketing reach. My newest post is National Client Services Manager – it just keeps getter bigger! I’m currently on a fitness mission unlike any other and achieved amazing goals which has taken years off me inside and out, to reshape some kind of potential diamond – Ultimate You Fitness. It’s was there the mirror of acceptance and dedication proved to me I’m far more capable with most things in life well beyond my self expectations. You have no idea what pushing yourself is when you are conscious of it or resisting it. I really surpassed these boundaries when I just DID it – they not only guided this so I now look great on the outside but I feel like a new being. There really are no limits and anything can be achieved. May you enjoy your journey and co create your dreams for us to all enjoy!


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