Hi Beautiful Butterfly’s! I am the founder of Kate Hore-Lacy Sales and Mind-set Mentoring and the creator of Sales Success Program.

I had been studying Self-Help, Spirituality and Mind-set since my late teens. At 19 years old I fell into a sales role at a Melbourne based company. After receiving some life-changing sales and mind-set training myself – I went on become top rep in Victoria and was then promoted to become the State manager at just 20 – the youngest and first manager in the history of the company.

Upon moving to Sydney in the 1990’s I continued on in sales, earning up to $32,000 per month as one of Australia’s top earning consultants. In my late 20’s I left the corporate world when I got a break to become a Professional Singer. 1400 shows later I was feeling like I needed a new challenge. I prayed for my next step to find me. Within just a few days I was visiting a friend – a talented entrepreneur. She was saying how much she HATED the sales aspect of her business. She asked for my help. I gave her a coaching session and by the end of it she was excited. Within a couple more sessions we had designed a process that worked for her – one that felt good and didn’t come across as salesy! Her clients began to say “Yes” and it lit me up to see the results!

She was making great money from something she was good at, once Sales no longerheld her back – she took flight!   … Being able to help someone so deserving achieve their dreams felt amazing! So I started coaching other women – and that’s how the Sales Success Mentoring program was born.

It’s beyond satisfying to see these talented, hard working women finally experience the success they deserve. I also love to hear about the follow on effects it has on their families – things like being able to afford holidays for their kids. The confidence that some have gained have helped improve their lives in other areas – I even had a client say she lost 5kg as a bonus result of our sessions!

I now run my Sales and Mind-set Mentoring programs during the week, I speak at regular events where I inspire people to Master “feel good’ sales – and I sing on the weekends. I feel incredibly blessed that my work doesn’t feel like work at all – I am truly doing what I love and the best thing is I feel like I am making a difference – which is a life-long dream! One that keeps expanding with time and the wonderful people I meet.




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