Hi Beautiful Butterfly’s! Kate here, I am the founder of Kate Hore-Lacy Coaching and the Sales Success Program.

I had been studying Self-Help, Spirituality and Natural Health since my late teens. At 19 years old I fell into a sales role at a Melbourne based company. I went on be promoted to State manager at just 20 – the first female and 13 years junior to any manager in the history of the company. Upon moving to Sydney I continued on in sales, earning up to $32,000 per month. In my late 20’s I left the corporate world to follow my creative passions and became a Professional Singer. 1400 shows later I was feeling like I needed a new challenge. In 2014 I was chatting to a friend – a talented entrepreneur. She was saying how much she hated the sales aspect of her business. After listening to what she was doing, I realized she was making some simple mistakes as well as missing opportunities.  I gave her a coaching session and by the end of it she was excited. Within a couple of sessions we had designed a process that worked for her – one that didn’t involve her coming across as salesy! Her clients began to say “Yes” to some high-end packages within weeks of commencing the training. It lit me up to see the results! So I started coaching other women – and that’s how the Sales Success Mentoring program was born. It’s beyond satisfying to see these talented, hard working women feel and see the success they deserve. I also love to hear about the follow on effects it has on their families – things like being able to afford holidays for their kids. The confidence that some have gained have helped improve their lives in other areas – I even had a client say she lost 5-6kg as a bonus result of our sessions!

I now run my Sales Coaching program during the week and sing on the weekends. I feel incredibly blessed that my work doesn’t feel like work at all – I am truly doing what I love and the best thing is I feel like I am making a difference. Which has been a life long dream – one that I hope keeps expanding with time and the wonderful people I meet.



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