For the love of events…and high tea!

Planning parties, functions and events is exhilarating. I’ve been creating events privately, for myself and for friends and family since my late teens. Professionally however, I’m new, very new!

I’ve always been something of a planner. I’ve organised all sorts of things, from my very first event which was a friend’s smashing black and white themed eighteenth with disco touches, to overseas holidays with a friend. I’m just that sort of person. I’ve always liked to plan, think ahead, be organised, consider the details and so on, so deciding to pursue a career in event planning, management and consultation has therefore seemed like a great path for me, something right up my alley.

As I’ve been getting stuck into the events world, running my website, blog and Facebook page, I’ve been coming across many unique event ideas, such as the use of gender-revealing cakes and favours at baby showers and the new trend of using e-invites for weddings and wedding related festivities.

One event type that I will always love is high tea. High tea can be presented in many different ways and is suitable for many events. From a small catch up with the ladies, to birthdays, engagements and even some corporate events, high tea is a fantastic idea that will always be popular.

High tea comes with a few key elements that I believe must always be included. Loose-leaf teas should be served freshly brewed, in teapots at the table. The serving of tea is a central part of the high tea experience so please, do away with tea bags and bring out the good stuff!

Another important part of high tea is the presentation of food. High tea occasions can follow a traditional eating pattern starting with savoury foods, then scones and finally, the sweets. Using tiered stands to present food at a high tea can really add to the ambience, creating a traditional feel while also reducing the need for fancy table decorations. In a tiered stand, sweets are served on the top tier, scones in the middle and savoury on the bottom. If you want to use a tiered stand but have only a stand with two tiers, don’t worry, use the stand for the sweet and savoury plates, and put the scones beside it on the table. Of course, tiered stands are not mandatory, so if you would rather serve high tea without them, don’t hold back!

High tea is a wonderful conversation stimulator and will ensure there is never a dull moment. No matter what the occasion, as long as the food is tasty and well presented, the tea is hot and the pot is full, everyone will be happy. Enjoy!


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