Mother, Wife, Birth Attendant, Woman. My name is Domenica Bambino and I am the creator of Bump, Birth and Beyond, a platform dedicated to a gentle, holistic approach to all things pregnancy, birth and beyond… I wish to contribute to a universal improvement of birth and health; to inform, support, educate and empower. It’s my heart’s calling. Since I was a child, I’ve been fascinated with all aspects of pregnancy, birth and babies. With a background in naturopathy and a history of ill health as a child, my interest in natural living grew rapidly and my trust in the capacity of the human body carries over into my career. Passion is a strong word, but it describes how I feel toward the birthing experience. I spend hours reading and researching and appreciate and respect that each woman and each experience is completely unique. Melbourne based, the multicultural melting pot of Australia, I live with my husband and two sons. I enjoy an active and healthy lifestyle, incorporating weight training, yoga and wholefood into my daily routine. My family is large, we love getting together and I love to entertain. If you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant, Bump, Birth & Beyond is safe, welcoming space to find facts, evidence and relevant information about your options during pregnancy and childbirth, and a way to start conversations with your loved ones and healthcare providers about those options. Future generations rely on healthy, happy, informed, loved, supported mothers.


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