Breastfeeding Mothers

There is so much controversy with breastfeeding your baby in public. I say what for? Women have been feeding children this way for many centuries and not sure why it’s now looked upon as being such a bad thing to feed your child out in public. Why let your baby starve because you are worried about what some people in the public think or feel? Why should they take precedence over when your baby is meant to eat??? It’s so absurd really!!! I recently had a baby and I have no hesitation in feeding whenever the breast is in demand and don’t feel ashamed in doing so. Having said that, if there’s a parents room in site I use it and if not I find a comfortable seat to feed in. Whether you’re having lunch in a restaurant or shopping… It’s important to feed your child whenever necessary. I tend to use a muslim wrap to cover my breast because this comforts my child and helps them fall asleep whilst being fed. In conclusion, if your baby is hungry and your breastfeeding don’t feel embarrassed to do so in public as your baby should be your one and only priority… Don’t worry about what people say or feel about breastfeeding. It’s important you feel reassured you are doing the best you can do to nurture your hungry baby. So a big cheers to all you nursing mothers out there. Feel proud and always keep you head held high because you are truly amazing!!!


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