10 Steps To Stay Motivated

1.Take time out to pursue goals

Don’t feel guilty to take time out for yourself. Rather than always put others first, put yourself first for a change and set out what’s best for you.

2.Decide which goals you’d like to accomplish and write them down.

You’ll be surprised how powerful it is seeing your goals and reflecting back on them. Prioritize your goals and tick them off as you achieve each one.

3.Be true to yourself

You can’t be true to others unless you are true to yourself. Don’t go out to please others, instead do what you feel is best for you.

4.Write down an action plan

Once you have clearly decided what you are passionate about and what you’d like to accomplish, take action to achieve your goals.

5.Make a pact with yourself to make this happen

Don’t wait to see whether your friends will achieve their goals. Don’t concentrate too much on what other people are doing with their lives or what they want from you. Instead, strive to be the best you can be and avoid procrastination.

6.Avoid negative people

Stay away from the nay-sayers who have nothing better to do with their time than control what you should do with yours. Their energy will only drain you and hold you back. You are already on the right track to a positive future; you don’t need people around who criticize you and cast doubt on what you’d like to accomplish. Negative people will only undermine your self-confidence in achieving your goals.


See yourself as though you have already accomplished each goal and feel excited the knowledge that it’s not too far away from reality.

8.Be patient

Implement patience and enjoy the discipline and process of making your goals happen.

 9.Be your own life coach

Be sure to give yourself a pat on the back when you achieve each goal. Make sure you spoil yourself and treasure each moment of achievement.

10.Reward yourself

Set small goals along the way in order to accomplish the goals that require more time. Be sure to reward yourself when you achieve the biggest goal of all.


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